Rock & Water Features

  • Water Feature with Carved Basin
    Pondless rock water feature made with regional stone boulders. Below the carved stone basin is a bed of river rocks.
  • Corporate Water Feature
    Multi-tiered rock water feature built with slabs, boulders and river rock. Feature is approx. 32 ft. across.
  • Zen Rock Garden
    A traditional zen rock garden designed with attention to stone selection and placement.
  • Stone Contemplation Bench
    A contemplation bench made of rock slabs with a grouping of coordinating regional stone boulders.
  • Pergola with Fountain
    Fountain built from a stone Balinese mask carving on a carved stone base. The water feature is the focal point of a stone patio and cedar pergola.
  • Neptune Fountain on Waterwall
    Sculpted Neptune and scallop cast in white concrete and mounted on a concrete/slate waterwall. Left: Original installation. Middle: 3 years later. Right: Original clay sculpture.
  • Pondless waterfalls